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We’re pleased to announce some new work for the Wyoming Department of Health. Our goal with to increase calls to the Quitline, and once we realized that the majority of the population had no idea that the Quitline provided free cessation medication, our messaging became quite clear: tell them there’s free stuff! From there we developed a campaign that uses comedy and awkwardness to cut through the clutter of today’s visual landscape and remind folks that there’s help out there, FREE help that will get you to finally quit smoking:

(UPDATE: Happy to see this today, and this. Yay for more PR.)



We’re happy to announce we were featured in the OBIEs again this year. Both our Wyoming Department of Health and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo campaigns were included, and we’re proud to have our work recognized alongside some of the best agencies’  in the US. The OBIE Awards recognize creative excellence in out of home advertising and is the oldest awards program in the advertising industry. For more than 120 years, the association has been dedicated to leading and uniting a responsible outdoor advertising industry that is committed to serving the needs of advertisers, consumers, and communities.

We’d just like to take a minute and thank the Wyoming Department of Health and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. They’re great clients and we love working with them to create award winning stuff. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to improve the health of Wyoming by featuring programs like smoking cessation, threw with chew and alcohol and drug related initiatives. We’ve also had a lot of fun spreading the word about the amazing and unique zoo experience the folks at CMZ are bringing to Colorado Springs. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you guys.

Anti-smoking ads work.

We’ve been working with the Wyoming Department of Health for a few years now and have had the pleasure of working on some fun anti-smoking campaigns. And, we’ve been lucky enough to see good, positive results.

So, we were excited to see this article in AdAge that says smoking ads work. We already believed this, but seeing someone outside our doors saying the same thing made us happy. The article says studies are showing that anti-smoking ads actually work. During this economic downturn, states are not spending as much on anti-smoking ads, and it is hurting the cause. Also, states are able to spend more on a local level, and are interested in creating ads that stand out, while also appealing to a wide audience.