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Oh how we love it when the people are clever

We don’t typically post much about sports on here, minus the occasional exciting Denver sports items that may pertain to the world in which we work in (read: creativity and ideas). Today a write up on Deadspin got us all laughing and feeling proud that today’s populace can show signs of life through clever commenting on websites. Long live creativity! Right now we’re proud.

The long and short of this deal is that Bill Williamson wrote a column on telling the Broncos to get their post-Tebow affairs in order. The comments started with your typical “Tebow sucks” and ran their course until a reader said “Ryan Leaf > Tebow.” Right then the X > Tebow meme was born. Yet another Tebow viral hit. They just keep coming.

The comments rolled in so hard and fast that espn moderators couldn’t keep up. This was sunday night, mind you. By Halloween they realized they couldn’t keep up. So they removed religious and offensive stuff only. I think at this point they’re just letting it roll, as they keep flooding in. I looked today and there was still a new comment at least every 30 or so seconds, 4 days later. I would imagine there’s THOUSANDS of these, but here’s a few favs while reading:

Windows Vista > Tebow

British people’s teeth > Tebow

Handshake from Harbaugh after you lose to him > Tebow

Getting attacked by the Honey Badger > Tebow

Al Gore softly blowing on your neck > Tebow