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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration



So, this is an annual report that you have to bake in order to read first. Naturally, it’s for a food company, but is a really cool idea. The ink is thermo-reactive and requires heating before it shows up. The annual is actually baked to get the art to show. Read more and see more pics here.

Thanks to Adgoodness for the skinny on this..

Woop woop. newbies in the house.

We at Sukle are real happy to announce yet another new face. New to the roster is Amy Neujahr (say it with me: “new-jar”), fresh off the boat…er, plane….from San Francisco. She’s worked with big clients like Clorox at great shops, like DDB, and we’re hyped up that we’ve got her on OUR team now. She’s a new added force to our Account Executive crew, and we are pumped to have her rocking in the Sukle world.

It’d be a farce to even try to hide that we are real excited about our new cohorts here, and we’re even more excited to be plugging more pieces into the puzzle that we call the “Sukle dreamteam”. Domination is imminent.

First in-house screenprinting job!


We have done our first screenprinting job down in the dregs of the Sukle basement and we’re psyched how it worked out. We’ve been printing lots in conjunction w/ T2P in Boulder, but it’s supa sweet to have a spot in Denver to do some paint pushing.

This poster was the first “official” Sukle screenprint job, and was for the Highlands neighborhood just north of downtown. We are basically located in Highlands, so it was fun to work on something for our ‘hood. We enjoyed contributing to the local scene, and are even more fired up to continue pumping out some sweet hand made propaganda downstairs. Stay tuned for more radicalness.

Posters are on sale around the Highlands Square shops, so if you’re ’round there and like it, go get one. They’re really cheap ($25) for a hand printed piece of art.

Would you rather…

fight mike tyson or talk like him?

toughie, right?

Another rebrand.


Yet another logo revamp. This one is surely minor as well as the NFL one we showed in earlier posts, but again a seemingly impoved mark. Seems a little more whimsical and playful (it IS a toy store after all) now, and the colors are nicer now, too. Seems improved…..but can’t help to wonder how to get some of these uber-large corps to start having us at Sukle do some of these rebrands. They seem to be major high visibility jobs, prob packing great budgets, and seemingly easier tasks, design-wise. To me, it seems much simpler to move a few elements around on a logo than to try to invent the wheel.

So, for all you big logo re-design needers out there: we’re interested.



They’re not new, but they’re up. The Denver Egotist has featured our Wyoming Meth spots today, even tho we did ’em last year, and love that they did. We enjoy the ads, and had a ball making them. The Meth is bad stuff, and we over here were appalled at what the ingredients actually were (gasoline, bleach, battery acid, etc), and how horribly it aged/affected your body. No likey The Meth. Hopefully these ads make the difference we intended, and help keep some folks from mething it up.

new kid on the block


We at Sukle are really excited to welcome a new member to our team. His name is Steve Barry, and he’s coming to us from Wieden + Kennedy in Portland. He’s worked on all kinds of great accounts including Starbucks and EA Sports. We only hired him because we wanted to see our agency name listed next to the likes of Wieden, Goodby and Crispin. Kidding, of course- we are actually really, really pumped to get him on board as our new Director of Client Strategy and Account Services, as we know this guy’s got skills. We’re looking forward to his addition to our culture, as well as his guidance in working with and acquiring great clients!



This commercial makes me laugh out loud. Silly, but memorable.

more Good stuff to report


Mike Sukle is in Santa Fe this weekend speaking at Design Week Santa Fe. He is part of a panel discussion on the segment titled Design for Good.

As they put it, “This year’s Design Week focuses on elements of good, conscious design by bringing you the visionaries at the forefront of thinking both in product design and in solving our collective problems, whether on the scale of community, nation, or planet.”

I imagine he’ll be talking about our work on water conservation for Denver Water, but he’ll fill us in when he gets back. In the mean time, we’ll be solving problems without him, on the scale of who’s bringing bagels in for our Monday morning meeting.

Stoosh-Off 2007


Andy started with the ‘stache topic and, hey, why not? I present you with the Stoosh-Off 2007. Check it out. It’s a quality use of the internet.