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Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Slavery Footprint


Slavery is an ugly topic even when it’s about some far away place happening to someone else. But
when you have a direct connection to it, it is even uglier. Slavery Footprint is an online graphic calculator that will give you a hard number that estimates the number of slaves working to keep you happy and comfortable in your current lifestyle. The interface is happy and clean. Which is a smart move on their part. If feels like parting with the information they require to calculate your slavery footprint is harmless. On the surface, it is. But consider the headline on the opening screen, “Everyone says they would have fought against slavery 150 years ago. Now’s your chance.” Well, fellow slaveowner, what will we do?

Exede high speed Internet

World meet Brian. Brian meet world. Brian is a quirky alien from space who isn’t quite accustom to the human world just yet. He’s part of our new campaign for Exede High Speed Internet. The parent company ViaSat, hired us to launch the brand in markets across the country.

Exede delivers blazingly fast Internet service to people who have been suffering with slow DSL or archaic dial-up. They do it with the most powerful communications satellite ever launched. Since the product originates from space, it seemed only natural that an actual alien would represent the brand. A kind, generous, cat-loving alien. Take a look. Then send your complaints to

A Tumbr full of Lego riddles

Warning: major time suck just ahead. Lego produced a Tumblr blog called “55 years of the brick” to celebrate their 55th anniversary.  Each entry is a visual riddle of a pop culture reference. Go check it out and sharpen your visual acumen.

Design: Brad in Montreal,  Via PSFK


A fond farewell

This is slightly morbid, but whichever of us dies first gets buried in a bacon casket. Find it and more bacon weirdness here.

Water Pressures

A new water documentary called “Water Pressures” is to be broadcast on public TV stations nationwide beginning March 20, 2013.  (Distributed by American Public Television.  Presented by WTTW Chicago.)

The organization behind Water Pressures is very clear in who they are trying to mobilize and what they want them to do:

“Our goal is to empower 15-35 year olds to be future water leaders.  Through Water Pressures, we encourage them to learn about water issues, take local actions, and document them through short videos and blogs to post on”

Get posting, you future water leaders. We’re going to need you someday.



Waterway Carwash does one thing: make your car clean. Real clean. There’s a variety of services for a range of prices, but the one thing that really stood out when comparing them to other car washes was that they clean and hand dry your car for only $5. We couldn’t believe it. For a paltry 5 bones you can roll away from their lot with a sparkly, spot-free car. Amazing.

Half Tap'd

Half Tap’d will be playing at Moes on 6th and Broadway Friday January 18th from 6pm-8pm. Come on down for some free live music and BBQ. Half Tap’d was born out of the love of a cold beer and listening to jam band and Americana music. They play their favorite songs of Phish, Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead, Drive By Truckers and many others. Founding member Brandon describes their shows a “Just a group of guys having a good ole time after a long week!”

Brandon Calloway – guitar and vocals

Nate Kirkland – lead guitar

Scott Tedder – percussion

Mike Susek – drums

Bob Koch – bass, harmonica and vocals


Should be a good time, hope to see you all there!!


This isn’t that new, but it was new to us and we just liked looking at these pixelated cartoon characters.


Well, you just knew this story would breed internet memes. And so it begins with Teoing. A cousin to Tebowing, it’s already an internet sensation, and basically entails doing things with imaginary girlfriends. Check out #Teoing.

Wear this to that.

We stumbled upon this little illustration tumbler blog and thought it was kinda funny. Animals wearing funny clothes to ‘events.’ The caption for the dog in the t-shirt is “Hey poodle, wear this Givenchy rottweiler tee to that Bikram class.” The camel’s caption reads “Hey camel, wear this Stella McCartney poncho to that Parent-Teacher Conference.” Good stuff.