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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

A little behind the scenes getting some cool shots for the summer campaign.

Street Art Utopia

We posted some of the best street art for 2011 earlier and neglected to mention the site we found the post on: Street Art Utopia. We’ve become quite the fans of this site- as it features beautiful and clever street art from around the globe. And no, it’s not just a bunch of Banksy stuff. So check it out, and check back, as they keep adding cool stuff.

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light litter

Pretty convincing animation in this spot, as there’s a whole lot of animated animals out there that look pretty darned fake. Plus, we all know cats are in right now, so this seems blog-worthy.

Lego, Let's Go!

FANTASTIC music video made by Lego. Surely this thing will make rounds on the interwebs.

This is F***ing Great (Because Their Blades are F***ing Great).

Hey, it’s Friday, and we all love a little laughter to start the weekend. So watch this, and enjoy the humor- we sure did! Great work for Dollar Shave Club.

Manning Face.

With the interwebs all a-twitter about Peyton Manning and his potential new teams, this would be a good time to show some humorous redesigns for NFL logos. If you’ve not seen Manning Face, then that is where you should start. Much ado has been made about a certain closed mouth look that Peyton and Eli commonly strike, appearing in deep perplexed contemplation, as pictured above.

An internet blogger, who has both his own blog and posts regularly on Something Awful, reworked all the NFL logos to include Manning Face. While the logos are somewhat crudely redone, they are still quite funny. You can see the whole lot of them here, but here’s a few of our favorites:

The way the internet should be

Pretty humorous spots for CLEAR, a 4G internet provider that features no long-term contracts, no data limits and flexible-pricing plans. Gotta love a male tramp stamp featured into anything.

Wolf shirt, eat your heart out.

We saw the popularity of the Wolf Shirt grow exponentially amongst hipsters in the last few years. Now we’re guessing the massive-3d-looking-dog-head-on-your-chest shirt will suddenly be all the hipster rage. Can’t wait to see these things in person.

Dunton Hot Springs, oogled.

Sukleites love Colorado. It’s why we live here. We get inspired by our surroundings and channel that into great creative. And the mountains and streams just to our west are about as inspiring as it gets. And right now we’re oogling Dunton Hot Springs. There’s all sorts of activities for day time playing, and a chef painstakingly searching out local, organic foods to prepare feasts tailored to your tastes, and it’s all included in the nightly rate.

We’re hoping that Mike will rent cabins for us all and call it an “inspiration getaway.” Even if he doesn’t, this place looks really swell. It’s not cheap, but hey, can you put a price on recharging the batteries. (Apparently, yes, check out the cost to rent the entire place out- WOW.)


Super Ugly doodles on his guest checks

What happens when you’re an artist and you have to wait tables to make ends meet? You doodle on your guest checks. We thought these were pretty sweet. Apparently the artist who goes by “Super Ugly” started using his free time on the job to doodle on guest checks, and it caught on with his pals.Talk about taking inspiration from your life and transforming it into creative messaging. Love the clever use of the medium on some of these. Above are few examples, and  you can see more in the Huffington Post article here.