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Lunchmeat Underpants

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Superbowl spots. Watch them….now?

This article discusses the phenomenon that is occurring this year: showing Superbowl spots BEFORE the game. I always remembered getting excited to see both the game and the spots. After all, the Superbowl is supposed to be the television advertising who’s who. But if everyone’s seen them already, what’s all the excitement about? We vote save the goods for the game, folks.

3-D chalk art amazingness. With Legos.


This is quite impressive. See the full set of pics here.

Boots and Cats

Yep, nothing more than boots and cats. Sometimes they can apparently make a funky beat.

Beard caps are pretty much awesome.

These guys have been floating all around Facebook lately, and maybe that’s why most of them are sold out. Oh the power of the Social Interwebs. They sure are awesome, though, and would completely protect your face from super cold weather or a POWDER DAY on the hill. Too bad we’ve not had many of those yet this winter. Get Beardo caps here.

Denver 50 likes Sukle

We were excited to be featured in the Denver 50 last night. Sukle managed to get quite a few ideas into the show, which is always very validating and makes all the hard work worth it. While we enjoyed some good accolades last night, we would really like to say a special thanks to our clients. Without them, none of our work would exist. They all are wonderful to us, and are willing to try things that have not been done before, which takes courage. We applaud their insight and confidence in us, and are excited to do more wonderful work with them in the future. Last night’s show featured our Denver Water work, the Good Times rich and cold work and the Cheech & Chong radio, our Cheyenne Mountain Zoo work, the Good Times and the Eco Products sites, and our Goodwill OOH and TV. AWESOME. Thank you Denver, thank you wonderful clients.

Cabin porn.

Are you sitting in an office? Say, behind a desk where you find your backside planted most all of every day between Monday and Friday? Ahhh, your pain is felt. But, to the rescue is cabin porn. The url is fantastic, too:

Whenever you’re pining for the life of relaxation in the wilderness, pine no more. Just go to this site, feast your eyes on some cabin, then get back to work with a fresh perspective.

More Direct TV

Last week we posted the eyepatch execution of this campaign, and praised it fondly. How do these compare to you? To us, they’re good, just maybe not quite as funny and unexpected as the eyepatch one.


Cash4Gold? Absolutely.

There’s been lots of claims of companies like Cash4Gold ripping unknowing folks off, giving them paltry sums of compensation for the precious metals sent to them. Needless to say, the advertisements are a little misleading.

So, it was funny to see that someone has attempted to reverse the swindle, to send fake gold in hopes of garnering some payment. I’m guessing the sender had no intentions of actually getting paid, but just acquiring a letter akin to the one above. Now THAT’s some gold. Comedy gold.

Volkswagen and Star Wars

Yep, another Star Wars post. This time it’s VW and dogs barking the infamous Star Wars theme song. Sweet. This is apparently a teaser for a VW game day ad, but alone it’s just funny, whatever it is.

Academy Award nomination for a friend

We had the pleasure of working with Daniel Junge on some of our WYDOH work, and we really enjoyed collaborating with him. So, we were happy to see that he was nominated for an academy award for his film “Saving Face” about a plastic surgeon in Pakistan that works to help women repair disfigurement from acid attacks. Heavy stuff, but as always, portrayed beautifully by Daniel.