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Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Protect yourself from Zombies tonight.

Westlake Ace Hardware, in Omaha, NE is running a zombie preparedness campaign, with videos, flyers and posters aimed at both humans and zombies. They were trying to attract a younger demographic, those who normally shop at a big box store, and came up with this timely tactic. The tone and message were updated to connect with the demographic.


This year's hip costume: looking non-tattooed

Wow. This isn’t new to the interwebs, but it seemed like it needed a re-post for Halloween. While long, and somewhat lagging at points, this ad is really creepy at the end. The product obviously works well, as the guy looks non-inked at first. But when they uncover his real skin..SCARY. There’s a reason he goes by Zombie Boy, huh?

Halloween. Time for skulls

These wonderful bits of creativity seemed extremely poignant for this Hallows Eve. London-based Catherine Martin travelled to Mexico and discovered the beautiful beadwork of the Huichol tribe. She then worked with them to create these designs, and is currently working on her own designs to have the tribe bead with their master bead workers. Check out all the skulls here.

Robot bike

We love it when we see something we’ve never seen before. This fits that bill. What a great idea this person had: a robot biker. Impressive that the robot puts his feet down when the bike isn’t moving and really pedals. Amazing. I can only imagine the design of this thing will be made slicker and sooner than later you’ll see kids playing with these guys.

Tebowing officially a viral hit

We saw Tebowing earlier this week on the Egotist, and since then it’s spread like wildfire. It’s the new planking.

This thing has all the perfect elements of a great viral stunt. It’s ironic that we ad agencies and creative shops rack our brains for ideas like this, things that will explode on the internet, and this one was done for fun (and partially in jest). It has the appeal of sports fans, the lofty ideals of the religious sector, the tongue-in-cheek factor for humorists and the luxury of being extremely topical. After all, Tim Tebow has had more time as a featured story on sports-related television this year than almost any other NFL player, even though he’s only played in one game. Mix all those ingredients into a digital bowl and voila! You’ve got yourself a viral hit.

We’ve been amazed how much it’s spread. Case in point: a Colorado Rapids player Omar Cummings Tebowing after scoring a goal in last night’s MLS playoff game. Awesome.


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Saw some good shots and met a nice guy, thanks for stopping by today Hesh.

Another Halloween suggestion

Oh yeah, this is great. Very creative, whoever came up with this one. I sure hope to see some folks on my block with their dog and the dog in this costume.



We love typography. Any and all. Stumbled across this site today, typetoken, and enjoyed some typogoodness.

Sweet local talent

We love it when we come across local talent that impresses us. Not only did we like the man, Justin Renteria, we were equally impressed with his work. He’s got a very quirky, conceptual style that we were all digging, big-time. You can tell he’s a thinker, and we love those type of creative people. His hands-on style is really nice and we hope to see a whole lot more of it gracing the pages/walls/screens that we look at in the future. Keep up the good work.

Exactly what IS this thing?

Check out this, ummmm, USB hub?! This is a MOMA product, so it’s most likely considered “high-quality design.” But, I’m wondering if this is a case of when design goes awry? In theory this was a beautiful abstraction of a pea pod, and is simple and elegant. But in reality I’m thinking it looks suspiciously like some other things I’ve seen, that are not peas and are not PC to mention on this blog. What do you think?