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New Stuff and Inspiration

Who’s your daddy?

No, really. Who is your daddy? Maury Povich answers this question for inquiring babies everyday on his show. You know the drill:  woman comes out on stage crying about how she doesn’t know which of these 20 men impregnated her, then one of the suspects makes the defense that it wasn’t him. Finally, after a lot of booing and silly interviews comes the best part—the DNA test results.

The show is often really comedic, but unfortunately for those of us with full-time jobs, we rarely get to enjoy the drama- filled hour of Maury. That’s where this blog, The Results Are In!, comes in, with animated gifs to reduce the show down to its most hilarious moments.

New GoLite Work

We finished up a new campaign for GoLite and got to see it at OR in all its life-sized glory. The series highlights GoLite’s Spring/Summer ‘11 trail running, hiking and travel apparel.

Since its beginning, GoLite has been all about lightweight gear made for the trail. Whether it’s an after-work out-the-backdoor loop, backpacking the Colorado Trail or connecting the dots on an overseas adventure – the more time we spend on the trail, the better we feel.

The insight for this campaign is about choices. The choices we make determines how much time we have for the trail. Do I choose to watch some reality TV or do I get off my ass and go for a run? Do I pack the blow-dryer, the curling iron, the straightener AND the krimper?

The images were shot by the uber-talented Jamie Kripke of Boulder. He uses cameras.

Make your mac yours

We all sit behind silver Macs. It’s what we creative types do. The designers at Herraiz Soto & Co thought that if we’re supposedly expressing ourselves while working on our Macs all day, why not express ourselves directly ON our Macs? So, became StickWithMeBaby. So, go buy yourself some stickers and let your Mac sport it’s lovely handlebar mustache.

Friday Comedy

Showing popularity at Cannes, this ad has become a YouTube favorite, garnering over 2.5 million views. It was done by Y&R Thailand Bangkok, and is for slimming green tea. Thought it was a funny way to start off FRIDAY.

McD's make me wanna eat asphalt

Great crosswalk ambient from McYou-know-who in Switzerland. Done by TBWA, Switzerland.

Celestial Souls

Pretty sure I’m gonna go get a Celestial Soul Portrait from Erial Ali asap. Heck, he might even take our retoucher’s job here at Sukle.

Erase the memories

Alzheimers New Zealand wanted to create a piece that would remind folks about the pain of living with this disease, something that would symbolize the loss of memories for those affected. They actually hollowed out working erasers and retrofitted them with USB thumbdrives. The campaign won a Silver Design Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010.

The Eraser campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland.

Musical Computers

Liked this white pages campaign, thought it was a pretty funny reveal at the end when you realize he’s “playing” his computer and not the piano. It’s for the White Pages, which I suspect is a lot like our Yellow Pages, in Australia.

The Piano Man campaign was developed at Clemenger Proximity, Melbourne, by creative chairman James McGrath, executive creative director Ant Keogh, creative director Ant Keogh and Josh Robbins, copywriter Nick Kelly, art director Quenton Miller, executive producer Sonia von Bibra, agency producer Lisa Moro, with Sensis Group Manager, Brand and Marketing Communications, Geraldine Davys.

Friday fun: the Camelflauge

I don’t think I really have to explain much about this one except that it’s quite hilarious. Check out the Camelflauge.

The mind of Jason Munn

We at Sukle quite like Jason Munn and his poster machine called The Small Stakes. His eye for simple, smart and conceptual poster design never fails to impress. Read an interview with him over at Grain Edit, where questions readers sent in were asked of him.