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Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Blazed Driving

This, friends, is one helluva film/psa from New Zealand about the dangers of driving blazed. It’s funny, has great child acting and doesn’t come across as one bit preachy. Well done.


4989777_300We are happy to have a new word maker here at Sukle. Welcome Elliot Nordstrom (cue applause). We are looking forward to having him here as well as making him contribute to this blog. And to making him wear a bow tie every day.

Stay above water

9863106313d949e216b2c5faf19e34151778a796_m We at Sukle are sending love and thoughts to anyone in our home state dealing with flooding today. Things have been crazy around these parts, and many of our own employees are dealing with all sorts of flood problems. Fortunately, our office is located in the ‘highlands,’ so as you could guess we’re ok up here. But, many friends and family are dealing with the repercussions of this crazy backhand from mother nature, and we just wanted to let everyone know we’re thinking about them and sending dry thoughts.

This vet should be a copywriter


Meet the craftsmen of modern printing


Some people say printing is obsolete, but actually it’s become a medium for art. A couple of Sukle’rs were on press at Lithographix in Los Angeles last month. We printed an art book for Cochlear that expresses sound through the medium of print. It just returned from the bindery and it is loud and gorgeous. We were lucky to have some of the best artisans of the trade: Reggie, Chuck, Ron, Frank, Greg and Dennis, with Brian as copilot. They are the craftsmen of modern printing. Their tools —  ink, paper, varnish, and of course, the Mitsubishi 8C CD, which is the size of a school bus, but even noisier. Hey, it’s only printing, but I like it.


New Videos for Cochlear

We love having a client like Cochlear because they make a product that can truly be described as miraculous. We have the lucky task of helping Cochlear tell their story to the world. The company’s founder is the inventor of the technology that allows people to hear, whether their hearing loss is moderate or profound. Every other year, recipients of the device gather to celebrate their hearing. We took that opportunity to catch up with the inventor, as well as a few of the recipients and their families. The stories in these videos include a mother who finds out her newborn is deaf and a teacher of the hearing impaired who loses her hearing. Each story is different, but equally powerful. They remind us how emotionally difficult hearing loss is and how lucky we are to live in a time where regaining hearing is not only possible, but common place.



The future of bike parking

With the crazy influx of emigrants and their bicycles to Denver, maybe one day we’ll need some cool bike parking like they have in Japan? Either way, this is really cool technology and nice design to handle the high population there that ride bikes around the cities.

Kenny f’n Powers

kenny.powersHere’s some funny, headline-driven posters promoting HBO’s series Eastbound and Down and its new season due out this fall.

The art of making a flamenco guitar

This neat film captures the 299 hours it takes to make a flamenco guitar by hand, and condenses it down to a 3 minute video. It’s really well done with great graphics and sountrack, and was made for the Art of Making series, which aspires to display and highlight people who go against the spirit of today’s pessimism and desperation.

A new book by a former client

RogerBookCoverMost of us feel lucky to have one successful career. Our friend and former client, Roger McDaniel, has had several: as a legislator, minister and civil servant. Now, he is a published author. The common thread through all of his endeavors is that he takes on difficult and entrenched problems in society.

Roger’s new book is Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins — The Suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt. By uncovering the whole story of Senator Lester Hunt, 50 years after his suicide in his Senate office, Roger brings attention to the historic underpinnings of the struggle of gays and lesbians.

Stay tuned for information about a book signing event in Denver.

In the mean time, go get it on Amazon.

For more perspective, check out the interview with Roger on MSNBC.


Roger McDaniels is a Presbyterian pastor, former Deputy Director for Wyoming Department of Health, distinguished former Wyoming legislator, 1982 Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, former Director of Habitat for Humanity operations in Nicaragua and author.

In his former capacity as Deputy Director for Wyoming Department of Health, Roger was the driving force behind Sukle’s “Where do you draw the line?” campaign to combat substance abuse in Wyoming.