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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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Good Times rolled one up for YOU.




“Hey, pass that burrito over to me, man.”

Was that who you thought it was? Yeah it’s Cheech Marin talking to Tommy Chong about Good Times’ new cheeseburger burrito made with Santiago’s Green Chile.

“They take a cheeseburger and some Santiago’s Green Chile and roll it all up… Like a fatty? No, like a burrito.”

We figured who better to talk about Good Times hamburgers. They’re all natural, with no antibiotics or hormones. That’s important to everyone, especially two ex stoners who’ve turned over a new leaf.

“I don’t do that stuff anymore man. I’ve got an ankle bracelet.”

The only buds they scorch now are their taste buds. And Good Times has a new Santiago’s Green Chile menu that will do just that.

“You aren’t afraid of the heat are you? Only when I see the heat in my rearview mirror, man”

Give it a try. The first one’s free. Just kidding.