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So flippin’ fun

EG-You-BB EG-YourKids-BBEG-LightRailCar-SoFlippin2 EG-LightRailCar-SoFlippinSummer has arrived, and with it come the screams of joy from the amusement parks. We were lucky enough to be asked to do some work for our local park, Elitch Gardens. These guys are all about providing a smiles for adults and children alike, and we were tasked with reminding the citizens of Denver that a good time was right under their nose. A flippin’ good time, in fact. So, we played off the slinging, spinning, twisting, speeding, zipping and, of course, flipping that their rides allow visitors enjoy. So, when you see these billboards and train wraps around town, proceed from wherever you are directly to Elitch Gardens. And have fun, Denver.

Photos by Brian Mark