Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Client: Great Outdoors Colorado Campaign: #SayHiWithASnowman



As we all know, the pandemic forced people apart. With the onset of winter, that became even more prevalent for kids and feelings of loneliness and separation increased. Research shows that time outdoors can help take the edge off and brighten someone’s day. But how do you convince kids to play outside during the snowiest months? We created an idea that tugged on their inner goodness. We asked kids to go outdoors and build a snowman, not for themselves, but for other kids who couldn’t get out. 

Generation Wild partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado and had their patients submit drawings of their ideal snowmen. Generation Wild kids then created real-world versions and sent photos back to the children in the hospital.

We got kids outdoors. The kids at Children’s Hospital got something they’ll never forget. And all of us got something to smile about during an otherwise dark winter.