Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Client: Total Beverage Campaign: Branding & Retail Store Design


Total Beverage. A 44,000 square
foot blank canvas.

When Total Beverage decided to open one of the biggest discount liquor stores in Colorado, they wanted it to look different than any you’ve seen before.

Now 44,000 square feet is a heck of a big piece of blank canvas. So we started to think about drinking and all the places we’ve ever enjoyed a cocktail or two. One of our favorites was a cabin in the woods. And that became our direction.

We brought the woods inside. About 80 aspen trees worth. We put reclaimed, weathered tin awnings over the beer coolers. We used large letters from vintage signs for wayfinding. And we designed custom fixtures throughout the store.

Customers definitely noticed.

They talked about it on sites like Yelp, writing “This is like ToysRUs for adults!” and “I love the selection here. The remodel is amazing.”