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Wyoming case study is published in peer-reviewed journal.

Here at Sukle, we often get noticed for our creativity. But when a renowned university thinks our work is significant to the field of communications in public health, that’s something special.

The George Washington University of Public Health and Health Services has published one of Sukle’s case studies in their online journal, Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing. The case study called ‘”Where do you draw the line?”, Wyoming’s Unified Campaign to Tackle Substance Abuse’ was accepted in the Summer 2010 volume of the peer-reviewed journal.

Sukle’s approach to social marketing starts with a true understanding of the audience. This case study outlines how we developed that understanding in Wyoming, and how we applied it to the problems of tobacco cessation and alcohol abuse.

Our methods may be unconventional. But they’re effective. And GWU believes they provide valuable learning for those who study and practice communications in public health. We’re honored to be included in the pages of this prestigious academic journal.