Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.


Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Old bikes are neato.


We were shopping for a vehicle for a campaign and came across these cool old bikes. This guy finds old military stuff and renovates it, mostly vehicles. But, on top of the tanks and personnel carriers, he’s got a whole ton of world war era bikes. They are super cool military bikes, complete with pump, generator and tool kit. Just thought we’d mention ’em because we love bikes over here at Sukle, and are very excited to break ’em out, dust ’em off and get to riding this spring. I also thought I’d mention that these bad boys are pretty spendy (350-400$) for a super old cruiser. They appear to be single speed tho, so they will totally fit in for all you fixed gear, single speed bike hipsters out there. check the bikes out here.

Who's your_______


This is pretty funny, right? Talk about targeting college kids for your marketing campaign…



So, we like to spend free time surfing looking for inspiration or just something cool to ogle. Usually we find plenty on this tasty site. Today we’ll talk about the Heads of State. We like what they have going on, and really enjoy surfing their site and checking out their poster designs. Very cool. We love what they are doing with screenprinting ink and paper.

Weekly tunage


While surfing the Coudal site and reading up on layer tennis (cool), I navigated to one of the layer tennis guy’s sites, and thru a link there found this site. It’s some folks’ blog-type deal where you can get a weekly mix of mp3s to listen to. Personally, I am just bout to try my first mix, so I can’t currently report on the content of the material (hoping for slim amounts of death metal), but what I CAN tell you is the site is designed oh-so-nicely. And we like this.

Just lampin'


So, this lamp is pretty radical. Guess, like us, this artist also liked G.I. Joe growing up. Anyway, it’s a bunch of action figures glued together, and we all know action figures are cool whether you have them battling, posing or just making interesting home furnishings. Check out the post on boing boing here.

How we make it thru the day at Sukle:


We love fake eyeball stickers to put on your eyelids. Naps abound here at Sukle while Mike thinks we’re all just wired awake and working furiously. It’s genius.

A new toy


We’ve aquired a sweet longboard at Sukle and we’re steady running laps around the studio to get warmed up for shredding some pavement come spring. Bring on that warm weather!

wyoming radio

Most folks seem to tune out when a radio ad comes on, right? Our theory here was that if we made the ads sound like country western songs (it IS Wyoming, after all), maybe people would stay tuned in- thinking it was regularly scheduled radio programming. So, what we’ve created are two funny (in our opinion) country song spoofs that we like:

She’s a He
Silver Tongue


Just heard this:

AIGA Colorado is bringing Stefan Sagmeister, a globally acclaimed graphic designer (even a Grammy), to speak Mar. 7 and to promote his new book.

We at Sukle bow in reverence to this master. He truly is inspiring.

Can you believe this is not a photo?


This guy’s ink drawings are truly amazing. They look so real, and are drawn with only a blue ballpoint pen. Good stuff.