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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Stakes might be small, but skills are BIG.


So, i just thought I’d post a tidbit of inspiration today. If you’re not framilar with this guy *Jason Munn* then check out his work. His company goes by the name The Small Stakes, and I think he’s a master of striking, simple concepts. Beautiful stuff. I know we at Sukle get much inspiration from work like this, as well as my boys and I over at T2P.

Anyway, was just looking at the site and thought I’d share.

Some toilet footage>

SO, as promised, we’ve some footage of toilet boy gettin a lick put on him by the security guard at the CU v CSU game. funny stuff. We’re still working on footage from the cameras in stadium and will have that up sometime soon, too.

We're all singing "I, M, C, A"


We’re real proud to announce our redesign of IMCA’s overall identity. While we made very minor adjustments to their logo, per their insistence, and we’ve redone all the collateral, including letterhead/biz cards and conference brochures.

This company certifies investment professionals, so the look and main graphical elements allude to the ups and downs of the fiscal marketplace, while still feeling strong, powerful and knowledgeable, which is how certified IMCA professionals would like to be perceived.



so, just an informative type post: we are now only one in the world of waterbound pets. Ron, or is it Matteo Jr, wait, which…..

Oh, anyway, one of those guys pictured in the very bottom post is no longer with us. We want you all to know, tho, that we are taking proper precautions, and have dropped him/her off at Sushi SaSa. Will make a wicked Spicy G-fish roll for lunch tomorrow.

For what it’s worth, the one left has a really clean tank now, and a new location, and man, he’s HAPPY.

Ahhhh, Venice.

So, we got our Use Only What You Need stuff into The Venice Media Festival. No, not Venice, California, Venice, ITALY. Apparently, they only accepted 30 campaigns, worldwide, to use as examples when explaining successes in advertising, especially pertaining to using the media in new and creative ways. Boooya.

Here is their site, altho it doesn’t really show work.

"Is that there terlit runnin?"

So, we thought it funny (not everyone agrees, Adrants) to create a toilet guy for the Denver Water campaign. Well, funny AND clever. Funny b/c toilet jokes kill it. Every time. Never gets old. And, clever, b/c who better to tell you about your running toilet than a toilet that’s actually running! Enter lifesize commode mascot uniform. I’ve tried this thing on, and boy do I feel sexy.

We’ve had this guy running all over town (CSU/CU game during timeout, Rapids game v Galaxy/Beckham, Road races, Wash park, etc), and at the big events, like major sports events, we have a security guy chase him down and lay a Lynch-inspired lick on him, flushing him to the turf. Then the jumbotron says “stop running toilets”. People are bowled over (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I’ll post some links to blogs covering it: blog
Blog 360
The Denver Egotist

Stay tuned for video updates soon!!!!!!

Sukle to Print, "yes?". Print to Sukle, "yes!".

Print has featured a few projects of ours again this year. We’re always really pumped to have our stuff featured in nationally recognized and respected pubs like this one. Thanks to Print and to those at Sukle that made it happen.


This year we got our UOWYN bench and a Noodles Colorado Ad in.

The Denver Egotist and Sukle = Friends

They said some nice stuff bout the Denver Water Campaign:

See it HERE.

And, they follwed up HERE.

New Denver Water boards up!

boards in effect

with the Denver Water stuff garnering such attention last year, they were really fired up to continue it again this year. If you haven’t been following, it’s the Use Only What You Need Stuff. So, this year we tried a “floating” billboard, to really emphasize the concept, as well as took some notes from the kids these days, and their skills on the text message front. They’ve sure learned to only use the letters they need, so we thought we’d morph that into some conservation messages and create boards and bus ads in this vein. Ch-Ch-check it.

Announcing new packaging design for Gates Rubber. Belts never looked so good.


Gates, a Thompkins Company, has been working with us to redo their packaging for their belts. No, not the belts you’re thinking of- you wont see these bad boys in SoHo unless you pop the hood of some massive truck. They’re used in big power transmissions and manufacturing plants assembly lines, mostly. Our goal was to take a somewhat mundane product, and to really sexy it up. We think we’ve made this thing sing, and we know there’s a lot of guys, showing crack, working at a large motor repair shops around the world that are happy to lay their greasy fingers on this slick box. A real pic coming soon, we promise.