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Lunchmeat Underpants

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Think about everything differently

This nifty little video from WWF really put things into perspective. It felt poignant for us, as we work in this realm with some of our clients, but also is nicely informative for anyone who eats food or drinks water (yes, that’s you). Oh, and it looks real nice, too.

Lay's potato chip machine

Upfront, we’ll say we can’t quite tell if this is real or not. Even though it appears to be a retouched video shot and not a real Rube Goldberg vending machine, the blogs and sites around the interwebs are writing about it like it’s real, so we’ll just go with it until we hear otherwise.

Rumors have been flying that Lay’s doesn’t use real potatoes in their chips, and they sought out to combat that notion. They created a potato chip vending machine that uses real potatoes instead of coins to make chips. It can be found in Buenos Aries, and contains an elaborate series of chutes and contraptions that wash, peel, cut, cook and package some very fresh chips. The prototype apparently took $40,000 to build and will be on tour in various grocery stores in Buenos Aries. If it gets a good response, PepsiCo is rumored to be interested in building more of these neat little ambient advertising gems.

Got Milk, caveboy?–tzNObc

We saw the stink about the last Milk spots being removed after only a short bit of airplay, due to their angering of feminists. We all knew Goodby would return triumphant. And they did. The caveman spot had us in stitches over here, and we love the site as well. I, personally, switched back to real milk in my cereal this morning in homage. Just for the day.


Catvertising is the wave of the future.

I mean, OBVIOUSLY, we’re now investing all of our resources into cat videos here at Sukle. This video completely sold us on it. Not really, but it’s quite a humorous poke at some of the materials produced by those in our industry.

Serious eye candy

This blog is great- it’s like Tumblr on crack. Image after image of neato, creative content. Check out This isn’t Happiness.  Thanks to Richard for the heads up on this one.

It's oh-so-Good

Everyone likes Good stuff, right? Well, that means we’re all in luck because The Good Finder is a collection of things that are good, all in one tidy little place. Go and see what makes you happy.

Needs no comment:

Williams & Graham

Book Club, anyone?

The neighborhood keeps getting better. This week is no exception. Williams & Graham Bookseller is slated to open today. Behind the book store front will be a revolving book case that leads to a speakeasy. Drinks and decor will be prohibition era. If the typography on the door is any indication, this place promises to have some real style. Stay tuned as we’ll report back.

Beautifying Denver with a mural by Jolt

Love this new mural. Located at 1099 Osage Street, this thing is cool, and we’re super happy to see folks commissioning public art that’s really cool. Way to spruce up Denver! See more pics here.

Insights into creativity

We’ve seen this on our peer’s sites already this week (and our fav, the Egotist), but we really liked the insight it provides, and we also figured not everyone reading this blog reads the same creative sites we do. So, we reposted it for your pleasure.