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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

United we sandwhich

A lebanese fast food concept called Shawarma Republic, which uses the clever line “united we sandwhich”, is positioning itself as a simple answer to today’s busy lifestyle with quick and quality foods. They called on Shepard Fairey to illustrate their campaign in the iconic Barack Obama style that he’s so well known for. There’s three posters , “Involve”, “Improve” and “Change” featuring a sheep, cow and chicken, that will run as well.

If nothing else, they’re real striking, which is sometimes all it takes to get the job done with reaching your target market.

It's time to get stached.

If you’ve followed along with this blog over the years, you know we love some quality facial hair. Particularly the ‘stache. And it’s that time of year again: Movember. Yep, time to grow out your moustache in order to raise awareness for men’s health, particularly cancer-related health. So far we’ve got one person on the team, and are hoping to recruit all the men of the office. Please feel free to donate and help us raise money, which will be given to respected men’s health charities, like LiveStrong. If you go you can donate to our team! Thanks, and good ‘staching.

PS- if you dontate, we’ll be sure to include pics of the moustaches we create through your sponsoring.

Nice upgrade


We’re definitely late to this party, but we just wanted to say we enjoy the new look for Diet Coke cans. Most of us drink the full-strength stuff, so we’ve not had a lot of exposure to the new cans, but a few of them recently showed their shiny little faces in the shop, to much approval amongst the Suklites. Nice work, Turner Duckworth.

The guts and innards of advertising:

Yep, we’ve said it before and we shall say it again now: we like info graphics. And since we work in a Colorado agency, this one is extremely fitting for today’s installment of info graphic fun.

Do good. Get a shirt.

Great charity idea going on over at threadless. We’ve always known them as the purveyors of customer-designed T’s, but now they’re getting into some clever charity work as well. The concept for Good shirts is pretty simple: the item pictured on the shirt is what you’re essentially buying when you purchase the shirt, and the cost of the shirt is the cost of said item. The items are all things that are paramount to helping those who are experiencing the famine in the horn of Africa. I, personally, am saving my nickels to get the $300,000 air drop shirt. $2 down, $299,998 to go. See if you can beat me to it.

At Sukle we really relish a good idea. And we think this is a good idea. It’s great to see everyone, even charities, really finding new ways to reach and interest their markets. And above all else: coming up with great ideas.

Friday afternoon Halloween ideas:

Here’s how to make a storm trooper mask with only one white bin, electrical tape, black paper, double sided sticky tape, sheer determination and a dash of creativity.

Read about it here.

Is it about cupcakes, or your self image?

Thought this was an interesting way to get around to the fact that the icing was on the inside of the cupcake instead of on top. Sometimes that element of surprise, with messaging, really helps to cement the idea in the audience.

Some things just aren't smart to do.

There’s times in life where things just don’t always go the way you expected. A good idea gets killed, a project takes a turn for the worst. The only advice we’ve got, is no matter what the situation is, is to keep your chin up, believe in what you’re working on, and never look down the barrel of a loaded gun. Can’t believe this guy is still alive.

More lunchtime fun

Yep, we like to make funny things when we have a few free moments. It makes us smile.

Hairpiece of Herpes?

This is nothing more than some silly entertainment for your day. So enjoy.

Also, see it’s cousin, Bacon or Beercan?