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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

From Russia with love

We’re excited to have some of our Use Only What You Need work featured in the Russian publication Outdoor Media again. We seem to have a slight crush on each other, as we’ve managed to stay in touch with them and have our work featured in there a few times. We’ll raise a vodka, or three, in their honor at happy hour.


Does 'going viral' make for a viral hit?

In this Smart Water viral video, Jen Aniston is seen spoofing, or better yet emulating, successful viral videos. At the beginning they state the goal is to get the video to “go viral”, and then proceed to do all the things that typically equate to high viewing numbers: animals, Kennan, kicks in the nads, etc. Would one think that this approach would garner a lot of views? They aren’t doing anything new, which is usually the impetus for a lot of views. Instead, they’re simply revisiting the things that have worked in the past, this time with a spoofy attitude and the pretty face of Ms. Aniston attached. While the video is probably just somewhat funny and entertaining, it worked. There’s 2.4 million views already on youtube, and counting. So, it just goes to show, that it’s not always the originality of the idea, but sometimes the execution of  it that can wage success.

Dance like Thom Yorke

The guy’s got some unique moves. Now you, too, can wriggle around like Thom. Found this illustration here.

From the movie Up

If you’ve ever seen the movie Up, you’ll appreciate this project. The good people at National Geographic have created a real home, inspired by the movie. Check out all the photos here.

Animal Beatbox.

This little number won the Tropfest short movie festival in Australia. It sorta wedges it’s way into your head.

Spreading happiness.

Cool idea, for sure. Spreading happiness through giving out a surfboard, frisbee, remote control cars, roasted pigs and soccer balls? Yes. Feeding people carbonated sugar water? Hmmm, not sure that’s the ideal route to healthy happiness, but hey, it seems to work here on these videos. It really is great watching everyone get all fired up with they realize free things are coming out of the truck. Fun stuff.

Great print:


Thought this spot for the virtual meeting site iMeet was kinda funny. To illuminate their site’s attributes they’ve reenacted some of “the most important meetings in history.” I thought this one was the funniest of them all.

Get your frozen sizzle on.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know people in the building here quite enjoy the likes of the delicious meat candy we affectionately call bacon. So, we were naturally pleased to learn that Colorado’s own Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard is running a bacon promo where they’ve created a Spoonbender that has- you guessed it- bacon in it. The Chocolate Squealer Spoonbender is sure to be sampled soon by us.

Nothing is real in magazines

Doesn’t everyone just look perfect on magazine covers, and in advertisements? Well, thanks to our good buddies, retouchers, anyone can look like a model. Even you (sorry, that was low-brow).