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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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What if ad shops planned kid's birthday parties?

Pretty funny, actually

Green file format

We are a fan of this new file format, the WWF. Named for the World Wildlife Fund, this file is a .pdf that cannot be printed. While it’s a very green concept, it’s also quite handy for creative companies that want to send out files to be viewed onscreen only.

Nice work, WWF, we love any attempt at saving a little paper.


Charles S. Anderson Design Co. has turned 22. So, they’ve decided to sift through over two decades of projects, select an assortment of our favorites, and create a new website. Finally.

Most anyone working in the creative field has come across a CSA piece at some point that has elicited the “oooooohh” reaction. The work that is CSA is consistently great, and quite enjoyable to explore. Do it here.

Jeans Denver Water will appreciate.

Pretty interesting that Levi’s is working towards changing the jean business by creating jeans that use less water. After working tirelessly to incite Denverites to use less water, these jeans are something we can all appreciate at Sukle (and at Denver Water).

Per the Levi’s site, they would like to be a part of the solution: “Levi’s® believes that it is important to take action because we’re part of an industry that depends on water. An average pair of Levi’s® jeans needs 42 liters of water to be dyed, washed, and finished. Once we take them home we use even more water caring for our jeans using 21 liters every time we wash. That’s 4 times the amount of water someone in a developing country might use for an entire day’s drinking, cleaning, cooking, and washing combined.”

The new process only uses 1.5 litres of water per pair. Kudos, Levi’s,.

Short of the week

Check out Short of the Week, a fun site with reams of fantastic, and very creative, short videos. Clever stop motion and interesting animations mixed in with real action shorts live here and they’re sure to entertain.

Even high earning execs like a little comedy

It’s nice to see that The Ladders has a sense of humor. A laugh goes a long way for getting target markets to remember your messaging. And The Ladders is banking on the fact that folks who make over 100k are ready to have a little chuckle and not take themselves to seriously. And then find a great new job on their site.

Pine Sol

This isn’t new or anything, but is just funny and well done.


We work in the creative industry. We appreciate things made by humans, not machines. We love original pieces of art and craft. Therefore, we enjoy, where everything is handmade. However, not all items listed on said website are of quality construction, or even well conceived. Frankly, many are downright comical. And thankfully our friends over at have created a site dedicated to collecting some of the ridiculous items posted for sale. Man, it’s hard to believe that people think some of this stuff is worthy of sale. Check it out for comic relief.

Appearances can help sell

When shopping, people tend to go with the deal that suits their budget or purpose. We’re on that life-long hunt for the “best deal”. When consuming beers in the stadium, we typically opt for the bigger beer, figuring paying the extra dollar or so allows for a better cost of beer-per-dollar ratio than in the small cup. Well, if you live in Seattle and are watching the Seahawks play live, their marketing personell have pulled a fast one on you, because the small cup and the large cup hold the same amount of beer. As homer would say, “D’oh!”

Great decal for an iphone=

While I’m still torn whether to go get the iPhone 4 or wait for the 5, if I had the 4, I’d be putting this clever decal on it! Good stuff from Photojojo.