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Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Red Eyes and Running

The War on Drugs is one of our favorite bands. We’ve played their last album, Slave Ambient on repeat for almost three years. Red Eyes is the first single of their to-be released album Lost In The Dream. And it is fantastic. It’s perhaps the catchiest tune the band has made. It’s also their most triumphant. Especially in this unofficial music video. Which a fan made by setting the track to clips of movie characters running. Damn, it’s awesome.


For healthcare, this video is outrageously popular. It has well over a million views. And no wonder. It’s like having a super power where you can eavesdrop on people’s minds. The effect is magical. It lets us break out of the confines of our own identity, and stand in someone else’s shoes for a moment. Produced internally by Cleveland Clinic.

Farmed and Dangerous

In a beautiful collision of marketing, entertainment and activism, Chipotle will launch an original series on Hulu aimed at making chumps out of the Big Food guys. I sure hope it’s good. Because if it isn’t, it’ll have the opposite effect they’re hoping for. Fingers crossed. Check out the trailer. It premieres Feb. 17 on Hulu. Also, in case you’re one of those who believes they’re owned by McDonalds, read this from Chipotle’s site:  “There is a popular misconception that Chipotle restaurants are owned by McDonalds. While they were once an investor in our company, they divested in 2006 and our company went public on the New York Stock Exchange that year.”

One Delicious Flag Collection

Apparently there is an international food festival going down in Sydney. And if these tasty looking flags created by WHYBIN/TBWA are any indication, it’s gonna be delicious. See all 18 flags here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.05.02 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.00.13 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.00.36 PM

We NEED An Art Director

Sukle needs an art director. Because without an art director, our account supervisors would do all of the layouts. And they only know Keynote and Kid Pix.

Sukle needs an art director. Because without an art director, our copywriter would only concept long copy ads. Long copy billboards. Long copy banner ads. He’s even started suggesting 57-part long copy tweets.

Sukle needs an art director. Because without an art director, our designers would go direction-less. And you know what that means. Yep, daylong Google research into the early childhood of Bodoni.

Sukle needs an art director. Because without an art director, who else will our production artist call “Fart Director?”

Sukle needs an art director. Because without an art director, our accountant would take over our blog. Sample blog post: PCAOB Audits Audit Report.

Sukle needs an art director. And we’re accepting applications now. Potential candidates must have at least 7+ years of conceptual art direction and design experience. Your portfolio must be full of interesting thinking and exceptionally executed print, outdoor, broadcast, digital and non-traditional work. And, of course, a shelf or Tupperware full of awards is always nice.

Submit your portfolio to Because without art director portfolios, HR will have too much time to dream up dress codes and team building activities.

Hipster Kaleidescope

Thank you, Anthony Burrill. We really needed a kaleidescope that meets our design standards.

WalMart Called, Your Holiday Photos Are Ready


To help everyone get into the spirit, we thought we’d post a few funny Holiday photos we found here (go for more images).


Ed Norton Loves His Droid

Pretty fun spot for Droid featuring the lovely Ed Norton.

Christmas Miracle

This is our favorite Christmas idea we’ve seen so far this year. Seeing the passengers reactions to getting these gifts is pretty darned heart-warming, and sure gets us in the spirit.

Rubik’s Cube Building

Imagine playing a Rubik’s cube the size of a building! This is a  project by Javier Lloret, where users interact with a specially-designed interface cube that controls the corresponding LED lights on the building. The difficulty is magnified as players can only see two sides of the building, but as the interface cube is turned, all sides can be viewed. Fun stuff.