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How Brands Grow is must reading for every marketing professional. But we’ll give you the executive summary anyway.


Okay, maybe How Brands Grow doesn’t have the catchiest title. But considering the topic, it should have your undivided attention. Its findings certainly caught the interest of top marketing people at P&G and Mars.

These companies have embraced the results of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute study featured in Professor Sharp’s book. Instead of conjecture and theory, it used decades worth of data and science to learn how brands really grow. And the results completely shatter marketing’s sacred belief in the 80/20 Rule that says 80 percent of your sales come from just 20 percent of your customers.

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute found that concentrating most of your media dollars on your best customers only reinforces their behavior. And because there’s only so much of your product they can buy, there’s little room for growth. No, real growth comes from attracting buyers of all types, mostly those considered light customers who only buy your brand occasionally. At P&G, this meant a shift from the narrow targeting of Facebook ads to the greater reach of mass marketing.

Over at Mars, they made the conscious decision to use impactful creative to go after their often indifferent light buyers.

And for clients closer to home, it’s a note of caution to the dangers of over-segmenting. You should really read Professor Sharp’s book. Or invite Dan, our account planner, over for a few drinks and he’ll pretty much recite the thing.

We Rule.

We’re honored to have some of our work featured in Communication Arts. A nice way to end the year for sure. And congrats to our partners at Gates as well.

Communication Arts Exhibit




At Sukle, we love Santa.

See for yourself.


CryingSanta-Pedro CryingSanta-Mike CryingSanta-Heather CryingSanta-Dan CryingSanta-Cindy CryingSanta-Brittany CryingSanta-Greg CryingSanta-MattJeff CryingSanta-Devin

Starfleet grandma


Um. In trying to show a little Christmas spirit, this woman unintentionally took part in some pretty amazing Star Trek cosplay.  Well done ma’am. Well done indeed. And from all of us at Sukle, happy holidays.


Robots rising

The good news is we’re all gonna get paid tons of money for doing absolutely nothing at all. The bad news is the robot revolt can’t be too far off.

Watch out for the robots!

Go from just browsing to full on purchasing with Instagram’s newest feature.

So check this out. Now when you see something you want on select branded Instagram posts, you can click “view products” and it’ll bring up tags next to each item listing the item’s name and price. Another tap loads a product page inside of Instagram with more information. But that’s all for the time being. When it comes time to complete a purchase, Instagram will send people to the purchase page on a retailer’s mobile website or app.

For now, the feature is only available to a few retailers like Kate Spade, Abercrombie and Warby Parker. Will they open up the feature to all retailers in the near future? Will it increase lackluster mobile conversion rates? Stay tuned to find out.

Everyone has the Halloween spirit. Well, almost everyone.

It’s Halloween. And at Sukle, we’re all in the mood. Well most of us are anyway. You see, our senior producer Michon didn’t feel like dressing up this year. So instead, here she is looking like she always does – all green, in a witch’s hat and missing a tooth. Such a party pooper.



See the photos here.

A smoking teddy bear goes up against big tobacco in Colorado.


What do you do when you’re being outspent 10 to 1? Well if you’re us, and you’re trying to convince Colorado voters to pass a tobacco tax increase, you unleash a giant stuffed smoking teddy bear into the world.

His name is @SmokingTeddyCO and he represents the Colorado children tobacco companies ruthlessly prey upon. And he’s everywhere. Online, on TV and out and about at different events. And he’s spreading the word that 80% of smokers start as kids and reminding everyone that a tobacco tax increase is the proven way to keep kids from smoking.

And so even though our budget is tiny in comparison, our fully-integrated campaign is making huge waves and resonating with voters across the state, gaining more and more earned media and traction with each new day.

#oktoberfest good. Smoking kids bad. #VoteYesOn72 and keep kids from smoking. #colorado #smokingteddy

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@american_heart @childrenscolo @lungassociation help us get out the vote! #voteyeson72 #smokingteddy #colorado

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Express yourself better when sending a voice message.

Denver Water Campaign takes best of show at the Obie Awards.


When we do work for Denver Water, we do it because it’s important and we can have a positive impact. And the results speak for themselves. But if we’re gonna be completely honest, it’s also nice to have our work recognized for excellence by our peers. And it continues to be. In fact, for the second year in a row, our work for Denver Water just took home Best of Show at the Obie Awards, beating out some of the biggest agencies and brands. So thank you to our fellow industry comrades for the recognition. And a special thank you to Denver Water for continuing to give us the chance to do breakthrough work on what remains a very important mission.