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Denver Water Campaign takes best of show at the Obie Awards.


When we do work for Denver Water, we do it because it’s important and we can have a positive impact. And the results speak for themselves. But if we’re gonna be completely honest, it’s also nice to have our work recognized for excellence by our peers. And it continues to be. In fact, for the second year in a row, our work for Denver Water just took home Best of Show at the Obie Awards, beating out some of the biggest agencies and brands. So thank you to our fellow industry comrades for the recognition. And a special thank you to Denver Water for continuing to give us the chance to do breakthrough work on what remains a very important mission.

My, that’s a mighty big eggplant you have there.

Ever look at a vegetable or fruit and say, “Hey, that looks just like my…” Of course, you have. But that resemblance to human body parts is just one of the things that make various produce the perfect symbol for our newest client, Health eCareers.

They’re fresh. And fresh is exactly the kind of health care jobs posted on this new health care job site. You can see the resemblance in out-of-home and in digital executions in Houston, Nashville and Denver. And a big thank you to Health eCareers for having the veggies to do something different.


Photography: Mark Laita


Look Mom! We’re in a magazine.

Make sure you stock up on the January Communication Arts Typography Annual. They’re going to be valuable collector’s items. To us, anyway. Because they have an agency profile on Sukle. Take a look.



This is nuts.

Another series from a french artist showing how technology is taking over our lives.

We recently had a post on Antoine Geiger series called “SUR-FAKE” where peoples faces were sucked into their phones. This is a good follow up by Jean Jullien illustrating how ridiculous we can be when it comes to our mobile companions.


Via Booooooom

Annie Atkins: a Graphic Designer for film

French artist Antoine Geiger “SUR-FAKE” series shows us how we are getting sucked into our phones.

“This work is called « SUR-FAKE » in reference to a previous project called « SUR-FACE ». It [places] the screen as an object of ‘mass subculture,’ alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world. I wanted to come back to the idea of these faked identities, over-exposed, sucked by the digital gulf that breaks the relation to ‘real’, to bring back a selffocused image of the individual. What interests me in this texture of sucked faces, is the the over-exposure gradually allows a very organic dimension, as well as digital, to render something quite disturbing.” – Antoine Geiger


Just fast enough to outrun the Walking Dead.

c306-volvo_02 c306-volvo_01

Meet Big Helga. She is a 6-wheel-drive, 1975 C306-Volvo that was originally used as a military ambulance. We adopted her a few years back and gave her a new life to advertise for our client, The Wyoming Department of Health and it’s time for her to find a new home.

Big Helga comes with a pop-up roof top stage and a booming sound system. Although she may look huge, she is really the size of a Chevy Suburban.

weight: 5,700 lb.
fuel: unleaded
axle variants: 3
length: 233.46″
width: 82″
height: 110.23″
clearance height: 15″

price: $20,000.00

If you’re interested contact

Artist Yolanda Dominguez asks kids what they see in fashion campaigns.