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Another series from a french artist showing how technology is taking over our lives.

We recently had a post on Antoine Geiger series called “SUR-FAKE” where peoples faces were sucked into their phones. This is a good follow up by Jean Jullien illustrating how ridiculous we can be when it comes to our mobile companions.


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Annie Atkins: a Graphic Designer for film

French artist Antoine Geiger “SUR-FAKE” series shows us how we are getting sucked into our phones.

“This work is called « SUR-FAKE » in reference to a previous project called « SUR-FACE ». It [places] the screen as an object of ‘mass subculture,’ alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world. I wanted to come back to the idea of these faked identities, over-exposed, sucked by the digital gulf that breaks the relation to ‘real’, to bring back a selffocused image of the individual. What interests me in this texture of sucked faces, is the the over-exposure gradually allows a very organic dimension, as well as digital, to render something quite disturbing.” – Antoine Geiger


Just fast enough to outrun the Walking Dead.

c306-volvo_02 c306-volvo_01

Meet Big Helga. She is a 6-wheel-drive, 1975 C306-Volvo that was originally used as a military ambulance. We adopted her a few years back and gave her a new life to advertise for our client, The Wyoming Department of Health and it’s time for her to find a new home.

Big Helga comes with a pop-up roof top stage and a booming sound system. Although she may look huge, she is really the size of a Chevy Suburban.

weight: 5,700 lb.
fuel: unleaded
axle variants: 3
length: 233.46″
width: 82″
height: 110.23″
clearance height: 15″

price: $20,000.00

If you’re interested contact

Artist Yolanda Dominguez asks kids what they see in fashion campaigns.

GoPro is to camera technology what Wham-O is to toys.

This new video from Foals uses GoPro Spherical and makes for a pretty interesting video experience. Click and drag around for a full 360 degree view (you may need to use Google Chrome). We have a feeling we’re going to be see a lot of these in the very near future.



It didn’t rain every day in Denver this May. It just seemed like it.

People get why we should conserve water when we’re in a dry spell. But what do we tell them when it’s coming down in buckets?

We tell them an indisputable truth. How much water we get isn’t up to us, it’s up to nature. Water is a non-renewable resource we shouldn’t waste no matter what the weather.

We can’t make the stuff. But we can make that point. And to do it, we used almost 6,000 Legos, over 2,000 square inches of Blue Model Magic clay and 255 yards of string to create stuff that looks like water.

Artistic, yes. Thirst quenching, no.

It’s an urban art show, the first of its kind in Denver, on display in bus shelters throughout the city.

They’re eye catching. They’re getting talked about. And they’re helping demonstrate that even after 9 years, Sukle is still finding great ways to remind people to please, use only what you need.


Water Splash

Location: Colorado Blvd and Exposition Ave Denver, CO
Fiberglass and molding clay sculpture
Description: 30 packets of Crayola® Model Magic® affixed to a fiberglass mold.


Water Drop #2

Location: 9th and Lincoln Denver, CO
Post-it® notes on particle board
Description: 243 pink and 102 blue Post-it® notes.


Water Drop #1

Location: 21st and California Denver, CO
Embroidery thread on particle board.
Description: 7 different colors of embroidery thread and custom nails.


Rain Cloud

Location: 71st and Tower Road Denver, CO
LEGO® on particle board
Description: 7 different sizes of LEGOs totaling 5,000 in all.


Water Spray

Location: Arapahoe and Adams Centennial, CO
Sprinkler and embroidery thread on particle board.
Description: 75 individual strings in 3 layers, using 10 different colors, emerge from an actual sprinkler.


Glass of Water #1

Location: Kipling and Jewell Lakewood, CO
Stained wood on maple board
Description: Made from maple wood held together with wood glue.


Water Spigot

Location: Colorado Blvd and Virginia Ave Denver, CO
Knitted and crocheted yarn
Description: A 90-foot knitted stream of water made from 14 skeins of yarn on a crocheted background, emerging from an actual metal spigot.


Water Drop #3

Location: Kipling and Bowles Littleton, CO
Crushed aluminum cans on particle board and vinyl
Description: 123 cans attached with nails.



Location: Alameda and Pierce Lakewood, CO
Colored pencil sculpture on particle board.
Description: 17 different colors for a total of 1700 pencils, all sharped to the exact same length and attached with Gorilla Glue.


Glass of Water #2

Location: Kipling and Ken Caryl Littleton, CO
Post-it® notes on particle board
Description: 345 Post-it® notes used, blue, dark blue, yellow

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There’s More Than One Way To Stop A Smoker

Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things a person will ever do. It’s menacing, daunting and downright scary. So does advertising aiming to help people quit smoking have to be the same?

Well that’s one way to do it. The CDC cites the “Tips From Former Smokers” in their best practices on the subject. And if you’ve ever seen any of those ads, you know they’re pretty graphic. Change the channel graphic.

So when the Wyoming Department of Health asked us to promote their QuitLine, we chose to do it differently. The truth is, we didn’t need to scare people into quitting. 66% of smokers try to quit every year already. We chose to position the QuitLine as the positive and empathetic experts that will make this quit your last.

In 2013, we launched the “Free” campaign. We used humor to build awareness of the QuitLine and the number of free tools it offers. It was a success. Calls to the QuitLine were up an average of 92% during the months the ads ran.

The next year we were at it again. This time talking directly to those smokers who knew they needed to quit. Reminding them that quitting smoking means more than reducing your risk for cancer. Or extending your lifespan. It means doing away with all the pain-in-the-ass problems that come with smoking. Once again, the results spoke for themselves. During the three month period the campaign was in market, unique visits to the QuitNet website were up 137% and enrollment in the program went up 42%.

The CDC has their best practices. We have ours: Do the work. Find the insight. And create carefully crafted advertising that makes a difference.

A Message From Denver Water: Don’t Be That Guy


This summer’s Denver Water campaign has one simple request—Don’t be that guy. We all know “that guy.” He’s the bro who fist pumps while hitting on your girlfriend. Or the husband who wears the same sweater as his wife. He’s the guy who wastes water.  The good news is, it’s easy to not be that guy. Simply follow Denver Water’s summer watering rules. (Removing the BluTooth when it’s not in use wouldn’t hurt either.)

Photographer: Tony D’Orio